To Station #2

We arrived at rest stop #2 to find six riders waiting for us (not good), so we quickly laid out the food and drinks. The group fell on them like hungry dogs. The lead riders had already come and gone, so we missed Jay LaRiviere, Francisco Figueroa and Mark Abercrombie, who were in the breakaway (if such a term may be used when describing a ride that is not a race). As  more riders arrived we checked them in.

Rest Stop #2 was in a beautiful locale, Capistrano Beach. The stop was right on the beach, at a parking lot just off of PCH. The weather for the ride had been perfect so far—a very slight overcast, but neither too hot, nor too cold. The riders ate healthy, avoiding the small Snickers bars we’d put out, focusing instead on the Hammer Nutrition products. Tony is a big supporter of Hammer products and the club seems to echo his support—they wolfed down various flavors of everything, including Hammer BarsHammer Gel pouchesPerpetuemHEED sports drinks, and Endurolytes. These riders are supported as if they were a pro cycling team!

The word comes from newly arriving riders that Tony Jabuka and Jim Torii had been involved in an accident, with both bikes disabled when Jim was caught short by a sudden stop, running into Tony at a red light, damaging Jim’s front wheel and Tony’s rear wheel. At one point Van #1 passed Tony as he was walking to rest stop #2, with his bike over his shoulder!

We waited for the final rider to come in. We couldn’t close up shop until he/she arrived, got rested and left for the next stop. This is a safety precaution—we make sure that we account for everyone. No one gets lost, forgotten, or left behind. Cecil Campbell then rides in looking thoroughly beat. I was concerned about him. He just didn’t look right, but he seemed OK and in good spirits, so I let him be. John Aunedi arrived on his single-speed bike. John had taken on the daunting task of riding 114 miles, with some rolling hills, on a fairly heavy single-speed bike! Then Bob Spalding showed up with Malcolm Sharp.

Tony and Bruce had agreed prior to the ride that they’d each ride half-way, so now it was Tony’s turn to drive, while Bruce got his bike out of the back of the van, and got out on the road. Tony’s bike had already been disabled.

To see more pictures from the ride, select this.

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