About Steve Hartt

My Father was born in North Carolina and was raised in Los Angeles. Steve served in the Army, while being stationed in Korea and was an M.P. In Korea Steve fell in love with Judo and also received a black belt. Upon returning to the states Steve went to L.A. Harbor college and graduated from CSU Long Beach.

After college Steve became a school teacher and taught junior high in Inglewood. During this time Steve received his 2nd degree black belt in Judo while attending Seinan Judo dojo. He became interested in competing in Judo during the peak of the sport’s popularity. He competed nationally and and was champion for his age and weight class in the tri-state area.

Steve was also an avid cyclist early on and raced in the Manhattan Beach Grand Prix in the race’s beginning. Track racing was another discipline that he enjoyed. This was done at the 7-11 velodrome that was built for the ’84 summer Olympics at CSU Dominguez.

Steve was a police officer for Hermosa Beach, from which he retired. During his employment he ran or cycled to work everyday instead of driving. Also he carried the special Olympics torch through Hermosa Beach and competed in law enforcement cycling competitions.

Steve was an avid fisherman as well and maintained a small fishing boat. He spoke fluent Spanish, played piano and the guitar. Later in his life, he took up billiards and became proficient at the game.

In Steve’s younger days he was a lifeguard on Catalina and worked on the passenger boats back and forth to the mainland. He also really enjoying surfing and skin diving.

Steve was a Koi fish enthusiast and maintain his own koi pond for many years. He was an animal lover and always had dogs as pets.

Steve was also was a pilot and owned a Cessna for many years. He enjoyed flight acrobatics.

—Brooks Hartt

5 thoughts on “About Steve Hartt

  1. Steve was killed on his bike. He was riding in Friendship Park in San Pedro about four years ago. A park truck hit him (the view being obscured by very tall weeds). Steve hit the truck’s bumper and was thrown against the truck’s mirror, cutting his neck very badly. He did not bleed out at the scene, but was left in a very diminished state. He died soon thereafter.

  2. Shame on Palos Verdes His death was homicide and the employee still works for the city That killed him SHAME SHAME SHAME. not how you treat a hero and his family

  3. I apologize for being such a late-comer, but would like to offer my deepest condolences to the family. As a youth, I new Steve as one of my many teachers at Seinan, and remember him fondly.

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